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The Roth Metal Heavy Duty Bridge Overhang Bracket is equivalent to the Symons/Dayton
C-89L.  As with any support bracket, the working load depends on the vertical height,
connecting hardware and proper care in the field, and therefore has a variable safe working
The Roth Metal H.D. Bridge Overhang Bracket has a safe working load of 8,000 pounds
with a 2 to 1 safety factor when used with the proper 3/4" diameter hangers.
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  1. Load is considered to act uniformly over the top of the horizontal member.  Do not place a
    concentrated load at the end.  Modification of the bracket is not permitted.  All rods shall penetrate
    entirely through the nuts.  Rods are designed for direct tension and shall not be allowed to bend.  
  2. It is the responsibility of the user to continually inspect the equipment and bolt threads for wear,
    corrosion, deformation or misuse.  Misused or bent forming accessories shall be discarded and not
  3. Overhang brackets should be adjusted to the proper elevation prior to pouring concrete.  Do not
    attempt to adjust the brackets during concrete pouring operations.
  4. All rods and nuts shall have a minimum yield strength of 80 KSI.  These rods shall be used at the
    Hanger Rod Assembly, at the Rod Receiver (MARK H), All other connection bolts shall be 3/4" x
    A325N bolts.
  5. 8 KIPS is the variable safe working load at the full range of depth.  Capacity of the bracket decreases
    to 3.5 KIPS as the range depth decreases to 34".  
  6. The bracket assembly is to remain vertical during use.