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The Roth Bridge Overhang Bracket features maximum adjustability to meet the overhang
forming requirements of both steel and precast/prestressed concrete beams.  The 22" of
adjustment provided by the diagonal leg combined with the 20" of adjustment in the vertical
leg, both adjustable in increments of 2", allows for maximum versatility in overhang form work
design.  Adjustment is easily accomplished using one 1/2" - 13 NC bolt and nut per leg.  The
adjusting nut controls 21" of vertical movement at the outboard end of the bracket to handle
the various slopes encountered on bridge overhangs.  Overhang brackets set 1/4" to 1/2"
above finished grade allows for dead load deflections.  If required, final adjustments to grade
may be made during the placement of concrete.  The adjusting nut also allows the Overhang
Bracket to be adjusted downward for easier stripping of the overhang formwork.  

As with any support bracket, the working load depends on the brackets vertical height,
connecting hardware and support location, and thus has a variable safe working load.
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